Avoid These Common Mistakes And You Will Become Good At Archery

Jun 16th 2021

To a lot of people, archery looks pretty easy. It is only when those people actually hold a bow and an arrow that they realize how difficult it is to be good at archery. It takes a lot of practice and technique to hit the mark, but it does not take much to miss. New archers tend to make some common mistakes when hitting targets. They can reduce their errors simply by focusing more on maintaining proper form and consistency. In this blog, we will share with you some common mistakes of newbie archers. What are they? Let’s find out.

1. Poor Stance - In archery, a proper stance plays a critical role and a consistent stance is considered even more beneficial. The goal should be to not have a stance that is way too much closed or open. The best thing is to keep your stance a bit open as you draw the bow and look downrange. Once you have found the right stance, stick with it every time you draw a bow.

2. Changing of Anchor Points - New archers should make sure their anchor points are fixed. For better results, it is advised that you stick with the same anchor points for every project. Some people even use four different contact points on their anchor. Whatever number of contact points you intent to use, just make sure you stay consistent with them.

3. Gripping The Bow Wrongly - Avoid holding the bow like a baseball bat. If you grip it like that, you will notice that the bow will twist side to side, which needless to say, will throw the shot off. To get a better shot, strive to keep the bow vertical and torque-free.

4. Wrong Release & Follow Through - A sudden hard pull of the trigger is never advised. Practice slowly releasing the arrow. A lot of rookie archers rely on back-tension to expel the arrow. There is no guarantee of accuracy with that kind of movement. Focus on having a strong release and good follow through. After the shot, the bow should ideally tip forward instead of moving backwards or sideways.

5. Not Taking Tuning Seriously - Ignoring tuning requirements of the bow will always keep you back. Go for French tune, paper tune, or whatever tune you like. Just make sure you tune your bow.

So, there you have it. These are some errors that rookie archers make. Steer clear of them and you will be great with a bow. As far as getting all the key equipment for archery is concerned, you can always get in touch with Archery Shooter Systems and easily purchase top quality crossbow holder wall mount, paper tuning station, folding wall mount paper tuner, and much more.